Outsourcing of IT Services

We create for you a dedicated Team guaranteeing solid continuity in the services offered, creating a sort of extension of your team. We are able to make available to ours Customers a highly specialized technical staff. We have in-depth knowledge of different markets and work with multidisciplinary teams in collaboration and with a clear sharing of objectives with the customer. 

With the outsourcing of specific IT activities, companies have the opportunity to reduce fixed costs transforming them into variable costs and increasing at the same time the flexibility of its structure by creating a company that can maintain high quality standards, and positively addressing market changes.

The advantages of outsourcing services

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Guaranteed reliability and professionalism

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Cost reduction, eliminates initial investments, the search for human resources, the purchase of hardware and software, the acquisition of skills

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Analysis and predetermination of the type of service and costs

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Constant technological updating

Why choose us

We offer flexible support with a single point of contact, even for smaller projects

Our service is aimed at companies that want to develop software at home or have an old application that requires changes or updates

We are the ideal partner in the creation of internal software and applications for resale

Technical skills outsourcing


PHP (Laravel, Symfony), NodeJS, React, Angular, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, Prototype, Java, JSF, JSP, Servlet, ASP.NET

Desktop software and services

C, C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, Python


Java (Android), Objective-C, Swift (iOS), React Native, Flutter (Multiplatform Android, iOS)


MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird, MongoDB, SQLite, Access


WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, PrestaShop

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